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Great snakes! This is not usual, Tintin playing football! He focuses and shoots a goal! This drawing was a title heading for the newspaper Tintin published in 1946. Seven other headings had been created to illustrate this flourishing newspaper and showcase the diversity of Hergé’s skills (albums, advertising work, Tintin Newspaper, Club Tintin, etc...)
But back to current news
For a month, 32 teams will compete in Russia. They come from five continents. In descending order of their importance: Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Football is currently played by more than 265 million players worldwide.

The World Cup, what's the point?

Sixty-four matches in a month. Football fans are thrilled! The TVs will heat up. The consumption of Vodka and pirojki (*) will skyrocket... If you do not like football, and you despair of finding an interesting TV program, you want to go out with friends, but they are all in front of the small screen! For those who do not like football, is the World Cup really a useless ordeal? In the immediate future, yes. But if we think about it...
* Pirojki: rolls that can be filled with minced meat, cheese or vegetables (or all together).
Because the World Cup is the most popular show in the world, TV and audiovisual technology companies are taking advantage of it to invest in the techniques of the future. As early as the 1930s, football matches were the subject of the first international radio broadcasts. Thirty years later, the World Cup was the first major satellite customer, sending images around the world in real time. In 1994, in the United States, it was the explosion of the digital exploitation of images. Important for image returns, juxtaposition of shooting angles, slow motion, etc. It was during the 2002 World Cup (in Japan and Korea) that high-definition cameras were tested. The sale of high-definition TVs was boosted during the World Cup in Germany (2006). In 2010, they launched TVs in 3D, as in the cinema! The World Cup is a bit like space exploration: what seems to us science fiction will appear very quickly in our daily lives.
Copyright © Hergé / Tintinimaginatio 2018
2014 was not left out of the technological point of view:
- the World Cup football had been tested in a wind tunnel
- the Maracana roof was a producer of solar panels energy
- the first appearance of the video referee system on the goal line. It was the solution of the German Goal Control, with its 7 cameras focused on the goal area, which had been selected by the organizers
- Brazil was counting on robots to ensure safety during the World Cup

What about in 2018?

The first big accomplishment of this World Cup will be the video assistant referees known as VAR technology! If VAR were to ensure greater justice in some tricky decisions in front of the goal and avoid blatant errors - such as “the hand of God” at the 1986 World Cup - it should also spark some lively debate after the matches, as the live experience has sometimes demonstrated the difficulty of deciding in certain situations...
Also new, the 64 games will be broadcast in Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) with the option HDR (High Dynamic Range). In other words, the matches will be filmed in native 4K (currently little content is produced in this format, which currently mainly concerns video games). As for the HDR option, it will increase the dynamic range of the image - contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks.
The objective being: the higher the dynamic range, the more the screen rendering is close to reality. Every World Cup brings a technological breakthrough for equipment manufacturers who consider the World Cup as a strategic moment for the renewal of televisions.
The technological pinnacle is that some matches will be available in virtual reality, with a 360 ° image.
More viewers than inhabitants on Earth?
What will be the cumulative audience of viewers for the 64 games? In Brazil, the organizers of the World Cup hoped to cross the threshold of 35 billion viewers - they were already 32 billion at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa! Can we imagine 40 billion viewers for +/- 7 billion inhabitants on Earth: how is this possible? In reality, the colossal figure of 40,000,000,000 records the average number of matches watched (from 1 to 64) by each viewer in an environment that is now more and more connected and multi-screen globally.

Tintin on the field:

Several media have remarked on the resemblance of Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyn to the equally famous Tintin...! Let's hope that his winning qualities allow "Tintin" to triumph!

Snowy devil!

In the adventure Tintin in Tibet, Snowy is not indifferent to the needs of his mischievous side. This temptation of evil gives us a magnificent drawing: a "Snowy devil" who would make a wonderful mascot.
Copyright © Hergé / Tintinimaginatio 2018
The World Cup is coming soon... the atmosphere is going to be "vodkanic"!
Copyright © Hergé / Tintinimaginatio 2018

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