Why and how did you become a fan of Tintin?

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17/06/2022 22:22 PM
My mother's friend took me to lunch at her house and the friend's son said he liked Tintin and my father was like yes you should read and i was like oaky and then i did and then i was a fan and this is a run on sentence but whatever and oaky.
16/05/2022 13:09 PM
firstly, hello from India :)
in my search to find a book to follow, this series turned out to be perfect & has brought joy in my life. especially in these times, when people have started to lose the habit of reading and collecting books. i was in middle school, when i found the book ' castafiore's emerald ' in my school's library. at first i found it to be simple and just like other comics. but moving towards the end, i realized that there was something that appealed to me more than… voir la suite
19/02/2022 18:10 PM
My little brother brought a Tin Tin comic from his school library. Since then, I became a fan! <3
19/02/2022 18:07 PM
My father bought me Volume 1 (Tintin in the Land of the Soviets and Tintin in America), and since then, I was a fan of the series.
17/02/2022 10:45 AM
Ce sont de bons souvenirs d'enfance :)
02/02/2022 15:34 PM
Mon père m'a donné toutes ses vieilles Bd de tintin
29/01/2022 10:47 AM
Car je voulais tester a lire une de ces bandes dessinées puis j'ai bien aimé donc je me suis mise à toute les collectionner et a les lire
25/01/2022 14:57 PM
Remember is on tv when I was young
16/11/2021 08:59 AM
My father was a great fan of tintin ,so,he gave that hobby to me.
14/11/2021 09:42 AM
C'est mon frère qui m'a fait découvrir Tintin avec ses dessins. 😉
14/11/2021 09:25 AM
One of the first comic books i have read. I could find the full series only much later when I was 12 years old, read the entire set in a single go. Been a fan ever since
14/11/2021 03:57 AM
Sitting here watching it, & it ties into my own adventorous spirit.
27/10/2021 06:31 AM
Je ne sais pas. Du plus loin que je me souvienne je l'ai toujours été !
26/10/2021 16:30 PM
I am from Sweden and my family has always loved Tintin so I've also loved it all of my life
17/10/2021 12:14 PM
Quand j’été en cm2 il fallait faire un résumé d’un livre dans le CDI et je pris tintin au pays de l’or noir au hasard et ce comme ça et je suis devenu pationer de tintin
06/10/2021 15:07 PM
Quand j’avais huit ans on m’a offert Tintin au Tibet et c’est comme ça que je suis devenu amateur du monde de Hergé
03/10/2021 05:09 AM
My mom grew up in Amritsar in India. She read these as a kid and gave them to me and my sister, along with asterix!
23/09/2021 15:13 PM
One day my mom bought a full Tintin series, which sat on the bookshelf collecting dust when 5 years later I ripped open the plastic wrappings and became a fan. Really.
05/09/2021 07:18 AM
my dad who was Swedish and grew up with Tintin passed an old book down to me and I have been a fan ever since
01/09/2021 23:36 PM
J'ai appris à lire sur Tintin et lorsque j'avais de bonnes notes à l'école on allait acheter un,album chez le libraire. On était au début des années 60
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