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The present Terms of Use govern your use of Tintin.com and provide information about Tintin.com. When you create an account or use Tintin.com, you accept these Terms.

What is Tintin.com?

Tintin.com is a Service created and run by the Belgian company Tintinimaginatio. It offers a set of contents and services, some of which require a free registration that allows you to become a Member of Tintin.com.
Tintin.com has several objectives:
  • Promote the knowledge of Hergé's work, mainly through the sections "Essentials", "Albums", "Characters", "Videos" and "Books".
    • Animate the community of Tintin fans throughout the world, in particular with "Forums", "Contest", "Collectors" or with the different possibilities of exchanging messages between Members with "Mailbox".
      • Publish news and information about Hergé's work, including exhibitions and events related to Tintin, new books or new products.

        Why and how to register to Tintin.com?

        Access to certain contents and services of Tintin.com requires registration to become a Member. This registration is always free. The contents concerned are mainly "Videos", "Books" and "Collectors". The services concerned are mainly "Forums", "Contest" and "Mailbox" which allows the exchange of messages between Members.
        To become a Member of Tintin.com you must be at least 13 years old and create an account with an e-mail address (which will be verified), a username and a password.
        For certain services such as entering the Contest, posting photos in the Forums or using the Mailbox, you must also provide a telephone number in your profile as an additional identifier. This is not mandatory if you do not want to use these services.

        Confidentiality and security of your data

        On Tintin.com, your personal data are private or public. In accordance with the law, you have the right to access, modify and delete your personal data. Furthermore, we never ask Tintin.com Members to disclose their real name and identity.
        • Private personal data:
          Your private personal data are your e-mail, password and telephone number (optional). This information is used as access codes to your Tintin.com account and is secured and encrypted on our servers. For your part, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Access Codes and any related use, unless such use has been made by an unauthorized third party who has had access to your account other than through your negligence. You must inform us as soon as you have reason to believe that your Access Codes have been disclosed or if they are likely to be used by an unauthorised person.
        • Private personal data:
          Your public personal data is made up of the various text and image content that you publish in the Forums and Messaging. They are visible to everyone in the Forums, and only to your recipients in the Mailbox.
        • Location of your data:
          Your personal data is hosted on the servers located in Europe of our partner Amazon, with the exception of images, photos or videos that you publish, which may be duplicated on Amazon's worldwide servers for purposes of speed of access.
        • Consultation, modification and deletion of your data:
          You can view, modify and delete your personal data from your Account page. Any modification or deletion is immediate and irreversible. Nevertheless, we keep a backup copy of all Tintin.com data for 1 year. The deletion or modification of your data is therefore effective after this period.
        • Obligation to disclose your data:

          If the law requires us to do so or to protect your vital interests or those of others, Tintin.com may need to consult and disclose your data.

        Use of cookies

        Tintin.com uses cookies to establish statistics concerning visits (count, origin, duration...). To do so, we use Google's audience analysis service: Google Analytics. The data sent to Google are completely anonymous and do not allow to make the link with your Tintin account and therefore do not allow to record your personal path on Tintin.com.
        When you create an account, Tintin.com also creates two cookies so that you do not have to re-authenticate yourself at each visit. These two cookies have a life span of 30 days after your last visit. They are deleted immediately if you log out of your account.

        Moderation of the forums

        All Tintin.com Forums are moderated. As such, our moderators are likely to delete any contribution that is not related to the topic of discussion, the editorial line of Tintin.com, or that would be contrary to the law, in particular:
        • Incitement to discrimination, hatred, or violence, especially racial.
        • Apology for certain crimes, including murder, rape, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
        • Messages of a promotional or advertising nature.
        Also, personal information, such as telephone numbers and postal addresses, should not be published in order to avoid further harassment.

        Tintin.com commitments

        • Use of your Personal Data: Tintin.com uses your personal data to send you messages (confirmation of account creation, notifications of subscription to the Forums, etc.) and to inform you of news related to the world of Tintin, for marketing purposes, by LA CROIX DE L’AIGLE (boutique.tintin.com), Tintinimaginatio (www.tintin.com) and LA CROIX DE L'AIGLE (www.museeherge.com). Apart from the three aforementioned companies, specifically linked to the universe of Tintin and Hergé, Tintin.com undertakes not to share or market any information whatsoever concerning your data to a third party. At any time, you can set your preferences for receiving messages in your account.
        • Tintin.com may contain links to other sites. The User or visitor acknowledges that when he clicks on a link to visit or consult the linked site, a frame may appear that contains logos, advertisements and/or other information. The User or visitor accepts that Tintin.com is exonerated of any responsibility for the content that appears on a linked site or for any product or service referenced by the linked site. The linked site is managed by an independent operator of Tintin.com.
        • Tintin.com cannot guarantee that its services and contents meet the expectations or particular requirements of the Member, and that its services will be uninterrupted or free of errors.
        • Under no circumstances can Tintin.com be held responsible for any direct, indirect or accidental damage resulting from a non-conforming use of its services, from a lack of knowledge of the Internet and/or its use, or from a download to any other software or connection to a particular hardware to visualize the Site.

        Your commitments

        • Do not impersonate others or provide false information. However, you do not have to reveal your identity.
        • Do not do anything that interferes with the intended operation of Tintin.com.
        • Do not do anything that is illegal, misleading or fraudulent, or act for an illicit or prohibited purpose.
        • Refrain from any slanderous, defamatory, insulting, racist, obscene or hate speech.
        • Not to publish private or confidential information such as e-mail addresses or telephone numbers, and not to do anything that violates the rights of others, including intellectual property rights.
        • During contests, do not cheat or use any similar manoeuvre to collect points illegally, and do not create fictitious accounts with the aim of collecting points and thus improve one's score.
        Last date of modification of thid document: 12 September 2019
        Tintinimaginatio - Avenue Louise, 162 - 1050 - BRUSSELS
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