Interested in all was happening at the time, Hergé collected a century's worth of mythic and historic imagery. Through his illustrative art and narrative science, he gave the European comic strip its badge of honor.
“Hergé in the shadow of Tintin (Hergé à l'ombre de Tintin)”. © 2016 – ARTE France / GEDEON programmes / MOULINSART SA / RMN-Grand Palais / RTBF

Key Dates

Georges Remi was born in Etterbeek, Belgium, May 22.
Georges Remi and his brother, Paul, in 1918. Studios Hergé collection
The young boy begins his studies at the Collège Saint -Boniface in Brussels, he is bored to tears.
He joins the scout troop at his high school, where he receives the nickname "Curious Fox." His first drawings appear in Jamais assez, his school scouting magazine, and starting in 1923 in Le Boy-scout belge, the monthly magazine of the Belgian Boy Scouts.
Hergé scout in 1922
In August 1922, at the age of fifteen, Georges (right) left his country for the first time. Here in Samedan in Switzerland © Saint-Boniface-Parnasse Foundation
From this point onwards, Georges Remi signed his drawings with the name Hergé, reversing his initials, "R.G." (as pronounced in French).
After leaving school, Georges Remi is hired by the newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle as an employee in the subscription department.
He creates Totor (a precursor to Tintin), Patrol Leader of Les Hannetons in Le Boy-scout belge
Le Boy-scout belge - Totor CP des Hannetons
Le Boy-scout belge
Georges Remi performs his military service.
1926 : Sergeant Remi
1926 : Sergeant Remi (on the left). © Michel Lichtaert collection
When he returns to Brussels, Hergé is named chief editor of Le Petit Vingtième, the weekly children supplement to Le Vingtième Siècle. The first issue is published on November 1.
Tintin and Snowy "born" on January 10, in Le Petit Vingtième.
He creates Quick and Flupke, the rascals of Brussels, who will appear in short stories in Le Petit Vingtième. The first Tintin book is published: Tintin, Reporter, in the Land of The Soviets.
Georges Remi marries Germaine Kieckens, secretary of the editor of Le Vingtième Siècle.
Hergé and Germaine in 1932
1932 : Georges Remi and Germaine Kieckens in Brussels. Studios Hergé collection
Casterman Publishing House, based in Tournai, Belgium, becomes the publisher of the Adventures of Tintin. A meeting with a young Chinese student, Chang Chong-Chen, marks a decisive turning point. Hergé becomes convinced of the importance of a soundly built storyline and of the necessity for thorough research and preparation. He begins to take seriously what was, until then, just a simple game.
Hergé, Germaine and Tchang in 1934
1934 : Hergé, Germaine and Tchang in Brussels. © Jacques Langevin / SYGMA
For the French weekly Coeurs Vaillants, Hergé creates a new cast of heroes, Jo, Zette, and Jocko, for the French weekly Coeurs Vaillants. Five books are published.
Cœurs Vaillants number 3 - 19 January 1936
Cœurs Vaillants number 3 - 19 January 1936
As a result of the position taken by Hergé in favor of the Chinese people in The Blue Lotus, Tintin's creator is invited to China by the wife of Chiang Kai-Shek. The imminent war in Europe prevents the trip.
On May 10, Belgium is invaded by German troops. The newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle as well as Le Petit Vingtième disappear. Tintin in the Land of Black Gold, the episode in progress, is suspended for eight years. Hergé begins another adventure, The Crab with the Golden Claws, which he publishes in Le Soir, one of the only newspapers authorised during the German occupation.
Hergé and Germaine in 1940
In 1940, in the panic that followed the first bombings of Brussels, Georges and Germaine decided to flee. They take refuge with their cat Thaïke, their sister-in-law Jeannot and their niece Denise (on the right), at the designer Marijac's house in Auvergne. Philippe Goddin Collection
Casterman Publishing House, are planning to publish standardised books containing 64 pages in full colour, asks Hergé to start adapting previous episodes to fit these new guidelines.
The liberation of Belgium on September 3 ends the publication of the Adventures of Tintin in Le Soir. Some consider that by publishing in a newspaper controlled by the German occupation, Hergé has in fact "collaborated" with it.
Hergé continues the crucial work on his first books. They will be published one after the other according to the new guidelines.
Jacob, Van Melkebeke and Hergé in 1945
1945. Edgar Pierre Jacobs (left) and Jacques Van Melkebeke (centre) will be Hergé's first collaborators. Georges Remi Jr. Collection
On September 26, the first issue of Tintin Magazine is published. It is a new weekly publication created for young people by Raymond Leblanc, a fighter in the French Resistance.
Journal Tintin 26th September 1946
First issue of the Journal Tintin - 26th September 1946
The team of the Journal Tintin in 1953
The team of the Journal Tintin in 1953 at the Berseel castle inn. Hergé Studios Collection
Studios Hergé in 1958
Studios Hergé in 1958. Bob De Moor, Joseph Loeckx (known as Jo-El Azara), Jacques Martin, Michel Demarets, Baudoin van den Branden, Josette Baujot, Hergé, France Ferrari, Fanny Vlamynck, Alexis Remi. © Nemerlin
Tintin, whose stories are gaining more and more success, is popular enough to be of interest to advertisers. At the same time, Hergé develops a collection of colour prints in which Tintin plays spokesman for different fields of knowledge.
Tintin in Tibet is completed despite Hergé’s personal crisis.
Tintin goes to the movies. Belgian actor Jean-Pierre Talbot plays him on the big screen in Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece. The actor will reappear in 1964 in Tintin and the Blue Oranges. Georges Remi discovers modern art, and it becomes for him a source of true passion. He separates from his wife.
Hergé with Jean-Pierre Talbot
Hergé at the Boulogne-Billancourt studios with Jean-Pierre Talbot, during the promotion of the film Tintin et le mystère de la Toison d'Or, in 1961 © Télé 7 jours
The Studios Belvision of Brussels produce a full-length screen cartoon based on the book Prisoners of the Sun.
On his first visit to the United States, Hergé meets some native Americans.
Hergé discovers America 1971
1971. Forty years after Tintin, Hergé discovers America. Here with the descendant of the great chief Red Cloud. Private collection
Casterman publishes the first volume of the Archives Hergé. Thus the mythical Tintin Reporter of Le Petit Vingtième in the Land of the Soviets reappears more than 40 years after it had become unavailable. Hergé visits Taiwan, 35 years after the official invitation extended to him.
The full-length documentary film I, Tintin,appears on screens. It is dedicated to the hero and his creator. On September 29, a bronze statue of Tintin and Snowy is inaugurated in Brussels.
Hergé poses next to the bronze statue that was made by the Belgian artist Nat Neujean
In 1979, Tintin and Snowy were fifty years old. Hergé poses next to the bronze statue that was made by the Belgian artist Nat Neujean three years earlier © Studio Hergés
Having divorced his first wife, Hergé marries Fanny Vlamynck.
Andy Warhol, leader of Pop Art, makes a series of four portraits of Hergé. The fifty years of Tintin's existence are commemorated everywhere.
Hergé and Andy Warhol - Galerie D Brussels 1977
Hergé and Andy Warhol - Galerie D Brussels 1977 © Studios Hergé
The American Andy Warhol, king of Pop Art, makes a series of 4 portraits of Hergé. The anniversary of Tintin is commemorated a little bit everywhere. The 50 year life of Hergé's favorite hero is most notably celebrated by a postage stamp released by the Belgian Post Office, as well as by the Imaginary Tintin Museum and the book Fifty Years of Happy Work, etc.
Hergé and Chang Chong-Chen are happily reunited. Chang was the Chinese friend who had inspired The Blue Lotus more than 45 years earlier.
To celebrate Hergé's 75th birthday, the Belgian Astronomical Society names a recently discovered planet after him. Planet Hergé is located between Mars and Jupiter
One of the very last portraits of Hergé
1982. One of the very last portraits of Hergé, on the occasion of his birthday at the Wolvendael Park in Brussels © Gamma-Studios
On March 3, Georges Remi (a.k.a. Hergé) dies.
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34 reviews
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12/02/2024 10:50 AM
Hergé was one of my cartoonists for inspiration, alongside Jim Davis, Chuck Jones and Morris of Lucky Luke fame, I've haven't released my comics yet, but I'll keep trying.
10/01/2024 19:22 PM
Herge made a being a child in the 1970s a time of awe and wonder. Now in my 50’s I am rekindling my love of everything Tintin. He was a creator ahead of his time.
04/12/2023 00:33 AM
I have loved the adventures of Tintin since discovering him as a teenager from the hardback books from the library of P&O SS Arcadia on the way to Australia from UK. I have been a fan these past 50 years and still enjoy re-reading the books with my grandchildren
01/11/2023 05:49 AM
Loved the Tintin books as a kid, so here is my thank you to Herge for writing and drawing the comics.
01/11/2023 01:08 AM
thanks, herge
20/10/2023 12:47 PM
This old saggy man had a fat Willy I shoved dowm my throat 🥵🤪
14/08/2023 01:00 AM
why rest in peace herge 😭
09/06/2023 07:37 AM
yes more books
07/04/2023 10:54 AM
i hate death
22/02/2023 03:19 AM
Rip Herge 😔✊
09/12/2022 08:31 AM
I fully agree with ictintin
03/11/2022 19:40 PM
I wish there were more books
04/09/2022 21:05 PM
Enjoyed reading his books as a child. Not a fan of these tv cartoons etc. I suppose the cartoon due to his death could not be done in current times by somebody
28/07/2022 14:26 PM
One of the most important and intelligent thinkers of the world who has changed many things.
24/07/2022 16:56 PM
The best cartoonist that has ever existed.
13/07/2022 10:21 AM
A very amazing artist ever!
31/05/2022 19:57 PM
yall talking like yk the dude
21/05/2022 08:06 AM
rip herge!
i love your tintin books and im a massive fan
you have inspired me to become a cartoonist and im sure youve inspired many others too
you and tintin are my idols!
"..to be precise...my idols!"
thank you

also happy birthday for tomorrow
24/04/2022 17:50 PM
i love Tintin destination moon
13/04/2022 12:17 PM
!@#4%&*Q' !!טינטין המלך. יהודים כבוד
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