Moulinsart changes its name and presents its future projects for 2022 and 2023

A press conference was held on 20 May at the Hergé Museum.

Moulinsart s.a. changes its name

Following the death of Hergé on 3rd March 1983, a new organisation was gradually set up on the initiative of Fanny Rodwell to ensure the continuation and perpetuation of the work and the preservation of the rights related to it.
During the 1980’s, several legal structures were created, such as the Fondation Hergé, Tintin Licensing, BIL S.A., the company responsible for exploiting the copyright and marketing derivative products. Studios Hergé S.A. was liquidated in 1988.
During the 1990’s, under the impetus of Fanny and Nick Rodwell, a fundamental overhaul of the licensing policy was implemented, which involved the purchase from Canal+ of the previously divested licensing activities. In 1990, BIL changed its name and became Moulinsart S.A. while keeping the same objectives.
At the end of the 1990’s, there were essentially two companies: Moulinsart S.A. and Fondation Hergé ASBL. The latter also changed its name to Studios Hergé ASBL in 2006 while the S.A. La Croix de l’Aigle - Musée Hergé was created in the same year.
Today’s change is not the first, and now it is the turn of the company Moulinsart to change its name and to be renamed Tintinimaginatio s.a.
Logo Tintinimaginatio
Visual identity: Strong graphic presence of the word tintin, in contrast to the lightness of the Latin word imaginatio, and a sense of concept, supported by the red dots on the i's symbolising the flowering of ideas.
Why this change of name? For two main reasons:
  • Firstly, we wanted to bring the word Tintin back into the name of the operational activities management and marketing activities, because it is an iconic name that has the immense advantage of being much more recognised internationally. The name Tintin is famous throughout the world, whereas the name Moulinsart is translated into different languages.
  • Secondly: this new name also reflects the new perspectives of opening up to the virtual world, the imaginary world, and the imagination. We find both the ideas of "image" and "imagination" in it, which are two of the main foundations of Hergé’s universe. This new name clearly shows the desire to continue to bring this universe to life in every way imaginable. In this presentation you will discover new activities that are being developed in several innovative areas.
But alongside these innovations, the traditional activities will still be very much in place. They will also be represented, which is why the name Éditions Moulinsart remains unchanged.

Cigars of the Pharaoh, b/w colourised version

The first version of Cigars of the Pharaoh was published in Le Petit Vingtième between 1932 - 1934 under the title Les Aventures de Tintin, reporter en Orient.
Following the colourisation of the first titles published in black and white, this fourth adventure integrates a totally new colour palette that will stimulate the reader's imagination while respecting all the black lines and flat tints drawn and laid down by Hergé. The colourists were inspired by the artistic spirit that guided the colourisation of old films. Therefore, the shimmering of the cities crossed, the luxuriance of the jungle, the ochre harmonies of the deserts or the tones of the Egyptian frescos are expressed.
This adaptation is preceded by a fascinating preface by Hergéologist Philippe Goddin, who shares his expert views and exclusive observations.
Cigars of the Pharaoh, colourised version
The cover reproduces a vignette from the original edition adjusted to the format.
  • Finished format cover: 24 x 32 cm
  • Total pagination: 144 pages Includes 124 coloured plates
  • French, Dutch and English versions
  • Retail price: 19.95 €
  • Publication date: 26/10/2022
  • Co-publishers: Moulinsart/Casterman

Tintin c'est l'aventure No. 12

This quarterly mook, published jointly by Moulinsart and GEO is in its fourth year of publication.
The next issue, No. 12, is devoted to world heritage, some of whose masterpieces are known to be in danger, especially since others have been destroyed recently.
Tintin c'est l'aventure number 12 - Patrimoine mondial
Tintin c'est l'aventure No. 12
The Mayan pyramid of Chichen Itza is the mirror image of the one drawn by Hergé in Tintin and the Picaros.
In addition to the important dossier devoted to this theme, you will find the Buddhist monk and philosopher Mathieu Ricard who has come from the heights of Nepal. Extracts from Cosey's travel sketchbook will be presented. Two authors, Aude Mermilliod and Louise Dupraz, have created a six-page comic strip story, where past, present, future, reality and fiction come together through the magic of heritage.
And this very rich issue does not forget Brussels, Hergé’s city, which the reader will explore alongside Benoît Peeters and François Schuiten.
  • 144 pages. 16,99€. Published on 15th June 2022
  • Next issue n°13, to be published in September 2022.
  • Theme: The desert, land of adventure

Confirmed projects to be published in 2023

  • A highly illustrated French-language glossary, Tintin de A à Z, by film- maker Patrice Leconte. His wide-ranging talent which has earned him some prestigious awards, is perfectly demonstrated by Les Bronzés with the Splendid troupe or recently when directing an intimate Maigret with Gérard Depardieu. We know that Patrice Leconte is a fervent reader of Hergé. He will give us his very personal view of The Adventures of Tintin, which he dreams of one day bringing to the screen.
  • Another Tintin de A à Z in English will be written by the English author and journalist Michael Farr.
  • A series of two titles on legendary cars featured in The Adventures of Tintin: European and American Cars, in collaboration with Hachette.
  • Volume 2 of the collection of short stories from Tintin magazine (770 pages), in collaboration with the Lombard publishing house
  • The continuation of the quarterly mook, Tintin c’est l’aventure in partnership with GEO.
  • ...and there is still the project of a special issue on L’aventure de la science, with the European Space Agency,
  • ...others are still at the development stage.

Special edition Plantu–Hergé • Imaginary dialogue

The art of drawing helped them to interpret their times. Hergé and Plantu, in their own way gave an account of the world, with their own style and sensitivity.
After the successful launch of a first Special Edition devoted to the Musée Imaginaire de Tintin produced in collaboration with the Musée des Arts premiers Jacques Chirac in Paris, here is a second Special Edition devoted to Plantu, an impudent and sometimes satirical cartoonist... and an admirer of Hergé, some of whose characters he used to slip into his drawings. He declared himself to be "a child of Charlie Hebdo and of Tintin ».
On 31st March 2021, Plantu signed his last drawing for the daily newspaper Le Monde after a forty-nine year collaboration. With his tender and sometimes scathing view of our planet and those who run it, he has become indispensable to us. As his drawings tell the story of half a century of history, an imaginary meeting with Hergé, a witness of his time, became imperative.
The contents include an interview with Plantu, a nod from the pupil to the master, interlinked profiles of the two cartoonists, an Hergé-Plantu face-to-face, in the footsteps of both artists, with a special emphasis on their favourite animals, Snowy and the mouse for Plantu, as well as a look at Plantu's commitment to peace in the Cartooning for Peace Association, which networks an international community of press cartoonists. And of course, there is no shortage of cartoon confrontations!
© Plantu
With the participation of Kroll, Plantu's friend and accomplice. His sometimes ferocious drawings deal with current events every day in Le Soir. He questions the creative freedom of cartoonists today. Can we still laugh at everything?
  • Format : 20,5 x 20,8 cm
  • Hard cover
  • Available in bookshops on 28th September and on newsstands on 19th October 2022.
  • 96 pages


At the end of the year, Moulinsart and Hachette Collections will launch in France, a construction model kit of the Jeep featured in Destination Moon.
This 1/8th scale model will carry Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus. Each week, a kit will be presented with a series of parts to be assem- bled, an exclusive booklet with fascinating articles on the history of the Moon Jeep as well as an assembly guide with detailed step-by- step instructions.
  • Release date: late December 2022 - early January 2023
  • N°1 of the collection at the price of €1.00
  • N°2 of the collection at the price of 5,99€
  • N°3 of the collection and following, at the price of 11,99€

Tintin, the immersive experience

Culturespaces and Moulinsart are joining forces to present Tintin, L’Aventure immersive, a unique creation dedicated to The Adventures of Tintin, specially designed for the Atelier des Lumières, the first digital art centre in Paris.
Destination Cosmos
Destination Cosmos exhibition previously produced by Culturespaces © Culturespaces Eric Spiller
From paper to digital, there is only one step, which the two partners have decided to take by combining their expertise. Promising a unique and immersive reinterpretation of Hergé's work, the immersive visual and sound experience (currently being designed) will allow young and old alike... "from 7 to 77 years old", to (re)immerse themselves in the creative and fictional universe of one of the greatest comic strip authors of the 20th century.
This experience will feature all your favourite characters from the famous adventures. Tintin, Snowy, and also the faithful "inner circle" formed by Captain Haddock, the Thom(p)sons, Professor Calculus, Castafiore and many others. Not forgetting, of course, the unpleasant - but unavoidable - villains.
From 21st October 2022 onwards, come to the Atelier des Lumières to discover this colourful aesthetic experience. The exhibition will then travel to other digital art centres in the DES LUMIÈRES network.

Tintin in Tibet, fictional concert

After adapting five of The Adventures of Tintin books as a radio series, France Culture and Moulinsart are inventing a new way of bringing the little reporter to life, this time in the spectacular form of a fictional concert. Young and old alike will have the pleasure of witnessing a public radio creation of Tintin in Tibet, bringing together actors, sound engineers and musicians on stage. Nepal and Tibet, Kathmandu and the Himalayas, names that stir our emotions and our dreams and make our eardrums pulsate. Tintin in Tibet is a highly colourful choice for this fictional concert. Sacred lands, wide open spaces and a story of friendship are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable experience with sound.
© Moulinsart
France Culture's fiction department has established a solid reputation for the quality of its programming, its staging, studios and its teams. A fictional concert is an adaptation of a heritage work (Hergé's: The Adventures of Tintin), accompanied and supported by original music performed by an exceptional musical group (here the Orchestre National de France) and exceptional sound effects that aim to take the audience on an audio odyssey full of twists and turns.
The direction of the actors and sound engineers as well as the radio production as a whole are entrusted to a director approved by Radio France.This little creative gem, scheduled for 17 March 2023 in public at Studio 104 of the Maison de la Radio in Paris, is intended to be broadcast on France Culture and put online on all digital media.

Treasure hunt

Moulinsart is projecting itself into the future, towards the Tintin centenary (2029) which is fast approaching and several innovative and unique projects are being set up.
One of these is the creation of a real treasure hunt. To do this, Moulinsart is collaborating with a Belgian company, Lubee, which specialises in the creation of board games, educational kits, and treasure hunts!
This fun adventure, rich in sensations, full of enigmas, fearsome traps and filled with secrets and mysteries, will be launched on a worldwide scale.
An exhilarating and clever hunt, based on the stories created by Hergé, with Tintin as the hero, and adventure as the key word! You don't have to travel to different continents to participate.
The treasure is also inspired by Hergé's work: an infinitely precious, unique object containing natural wonders (mineral or metal) from our planet. To succeed in such a challenge and obtain the famous “open sesame'', the adventurer-participant will have to discover the code in the world that will give access to the treasure...
Like the Olympic flame, this treasure will be visible and will travel with a message of peace, joy and friendship.

Tintin beyond imagination

Tintin is linked to both the present and the future. Imagining a future for Tintin and a heritage like Hergé's is essential and paramount. To do this, we must adopt a long- term vision and a culture of responsible ethics that respects the artist.
It is important not to fall into a rut, but to show initiative and innovation. Our slogan, 'keep imagining - new activities' pursues this objective. Today marks our launch into these areas - we have mentioned the immersive experience, we could add other projects in development but will just mention our intention to launch our first NFT crypto art drop, certified on the blockchain within 6 months. Tintin beyond imagination, this project bases its originality on its storytelling.
Mum’s the word!
7 reviews
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20/12/2022 12:46 PM
I agree with TinTin's legend,hope We'll be teaming Up with Tintinimaginito to finish the last piece of Tintin as promised,most of all,stay true to Hergè and Tintin.
26/08/2022 07:27 AM
07/08/2022 03:46 AM
This all sounds so exciting! Where can I purchase these books, please?
28/07/2022 14:24 PM
I really look forward to the colorised cigars of the pharaoh…
31/05/2022 23:41 PM
So much new activity, looking forward, as well, to it all.
23/05/2022 20:04 PM
é legal sabemos que teremos novidades do personagem!
23/05/2022 16:58 PM
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