The Château de Cheverny celebrates 100 years of public access

We would almost expect to see Nestor arrive at the top of the staircase... Welcome to Marlinspike Hall... No, rather the Castle of Cheverny, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary of opening to the public.
There is no doubt that it was Cheverny that served as a model for Hergé to create Marlinspike Hall, Captain Haddock's family castle that became the home base for Tintin and his friends. The author was probably inspired by a brochure inviting visitors to discover this castle of the Loire Valley. The difference? Hergé removed the two outer wings of the building.
© Château de Cheverny
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The public began to visit these unique place in 1922. Charles-Antoine de Vibraye's great-grandmother opened these majestic doors to the curious visitors. Since then, "The estate was closed during the Second World War. It has remained open permanently, every day of the year, with very rare exceptions, such as in 1963 for the visit of Queen Mum..., or for our wedding, for half a day, in 1994! And then, of course, during the lockdown," explains the current owner.
Famous for its tulip gardens and Easter decorations, the estate also hosts the permanent exhibition "The Secrets of Marlinspike Hall". From the castle's underground passages to Professor Tournesol's laboratory, via Tintin's bedroom and the dining room, this interactive exhibition, unique in France, created with the Hergé Foundation, takes you to the heart of Tintin's adventures.
© Château de Cheverny
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